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The thing about advertising on Facebook is that you can easily offer deals and coupons as an incentive to get users buying your products. They don't always work though because sometimes the coupons just get buried and people can't be bothered to hunt through a page to find them. Now they've made it easier to not only find these coupons but use them too.

Business pages now have the option to have an Offers tab on their page. Within that section, all active coupons will show up and users can easily select and save them. If the voucher is for something you order online then there's an easy copy option but as well as this, Facebook will also be offering in-store coupons that users can take to the shop and show to the cashier on their phone to scan it. This is actually pretty practical for both the businesses, customers and Facebook. For Facebook it means they can track their adverts a little easier as the moment the coupon is scanned, it registers a sale from an ad. For businesses, it's practical as it means they get more people in and out of the shop who might recommend them to their friends or come back, and for customers it means they can check the offered product out in person before buying. This is perhaps something that could have been rolled out earlier but instead, we're having to wait a little while longer for it as the online coupons are rolling out first.

These ads will be seen across the web and on the mobile app. They can be designed creatively to be seen as a carousel ad or something like that on the NewsFeed or users might only see them if they go onto the business's page. The two types of coupons can both be designed in different ways to suit the businesses. If a user wants to use a coupon later but save it for easily pulling up then they can do that as well which means users are more likely to take note of coupons. As well as this the coupons will also have a countdown clock on so you will be informed when they're about to run out. This means you can't blame Facebook for the coupons running out as you would have had prior warning that it was going to happen, you just didn't do anything about it.

Facebook hope to work with businesses to eventually offer personalised coupons so that users won't be getting the same deal as everyone else. This could lead to a better balance of how coupons are being used and what they're being spent on which is practical for the businesses.

If you're interested in collecting coupons then the online offers are available now but we don't have a timeframe for when the in-store vouchers will be released.

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