Hinge to Become a 'Serious Relationship' App

The last time we heard anything about Hinge, it was the rather disturbing notion that they might have been about to charge their users. That's rarely a good sign, and the news that they're ditching their old app in favour of a brand new design suggests that the past few months haven't exactly been kind to them.

The original premise was an attractive alternative to the prevalent Tinder swiping model - using a deep pool of data in order to provide the most accurate matching around, with the help of Facebook. Well, now they've completely ditched that, and created a brand new app.

This new Hinge is aimed towards people who are only interested in finding a serious relationship, hopefully the last one they'll ever get into. There's still a fee attached, but it's far cheaper than eHarmony or Match.com, which are being regarded as the most direct comparisons to this new service.

This change was allegedly set in motion as a response to the damning article published about Tinder in Vanity Fair, widely regarded as the catalyst for the spate of criticism Tinder and similar dating apps have weathered in the course of the past year-or-so. Comparisons to Tinder used be detrimental to progress, but now it's like having your stand-up material compared to Bernard Manning's.

To further cement their departure from this model, Hinge created a website, The Dating Apocalypse, filled with quotes and data about swiping culture, as well the old version of Hinge, and none of it positive. It's a clever site, and it gets the point across brilliantly, but what does this new Hinge offer that makes it so much more preferable?

Nobody knows, yet, all we really have to go on is the claim that it'll be a more 'in-depth' experience with more sophisticated profile building. That doesn't mean much by itself, but Hinge are wise to keep all this under their hat until the structure of Hinge Mark 2 is finalised. In a few weeks, we'll have our answer, and the old Hinge will be gone for good, so if you were planning on arranging a date through it, I'd get a move on, you couldn't have a better excuse.

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