#HowToConfuseAMillennial - The Millennials Strike Back

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You may be aware of the hashtag that has sparked a wide range of inter-generational teasing on Twitter.

The point of the hashtag originally was for members with a few more years’ life experience, let’s say, to point out humorous differences between the ‘Millennial’ lifestyle today and what they had grown up with. A light-hearted sort of ‘then and now’ kind of deal.

For instance, it started off with some harmless ribbing:

But some of the tweets weren't so tame, and appeared to have a lecturing, bitter edge to them:

While sometimes quite amusing, the pointed criticisms of some of the tweets provoked a confused and then a more angry response. 
Some questioned why their generation was being attacked:

While others hit back with their own fun-poking observations:

I particularly enjoyed this brutal dig:

The banterous exchange turned a little sour, however, when things got just a little too real:

One pointed out an obvious truth about the whole situation:

This particular Twitter battle seems to have brought out some resentment which has been bubbling under the surface for a while. Anxiety and anger from both sides of the widening generational gap began to erupt in a very public way. Soon there was blood all over the Twittersphere.

It's interesting to see tensions playing themselves out online, in the clipped context of the 140-character posts we know as 'tweets'. Twitter has become a politicised space, and one in which the public is voicing all kinds of highly charged opinions and controversial views.

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