LinkedIn Has Just Had a Massive Overhaul

Despite having such a specific, significant approach, LinkedIn often feels like the kid with lice, left in the corner of the playground to pick at the grass while Facebook chases Twitter around with a spider on a stick and Snapchat and Instagram play conkers.

LinkedIn has always been the place to go if you wanted to blend social media sensibilities with job hunting, but their engagement figures have never risen beyond middling to moderate. It's a shame, the platform has a great deal to offer, and few people are actually tapping its full potential, but now they aim to change that.

The site has been given an epic update, including a major redesign of the desktop layout, expansion of the messaging service and a trending news feed. LinkedIn has never been a site to sit scrolling through, like one would with Facebook or Twitter, but that seems to be what they are angling towards. Although the claim is that they started doing all this before they were acquired by Microsoft, you have to imagine their new owners are playing some role in this new approach.

The trending news feed has been dubbed the 'Interest Feed', and tailors itself to your areas of interest, offering posts from other users, full articles and content written by LinkedIn influencers. Depending on what everyone else is reading, your feed will change and morph to reflect those trends.

As far as messaging goes, the service is simply becoming more streamlined, where before it was on about the same level as MySpace messaging - email with a different hat on. To remedy this, LinkedIn have made it more consistent with the messaging on their mobile service, and stripped out all the annoying ads. Bots are also being factored in, used for things like suggesting links to send to people, scheduling meetings and other secretary-ish things.

Beyond this, and the aesthetic retouching, a database of all the online courses offered through the platform, imaginatively dubbed LinkedIn Learning, has been bolted on. With all these new bells and whistles, we may well start seeing a spike in LinkedIn membership, and lord knows they deserve it at this stage in the game.

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