McDonald's Remove Build-A-Burger Page in Wake of Inevitable Troll Attack

When will these big companies learn? Never, ever leave anything open to mass online response, because people are basically awful. Give someone the chance to do something which will be widely viewed online, with total anonymity and try to steer it towards your own company's publicity and it will reign a storm of flames and faeces on your head the likes of which you have never seen.

Countless Twitter Q&As, ill-conceived caption competitions, whatever the format might have been, the result was as inevitable as your next bowel movement. You would think that, of all people, hulking fast-food conglomerates like Maccy D's would know better than to attempt such a thing, and yet.
Recently, the company launched their admittedly rather clever 'Build-A-Burger' scheme in New Zealand, in which customers can design their own burgers using an app and then bring the creation to their nearest store to have it made for them to those exact specifications. It's an interesting way of jazzing up the normally mundane act of ordering at McDonald's, and a harsh lesson for anyone who ever thought a burger with 3 slices of chicken, 7 bacon rashers, 4 beef patties and a metric ton of cheese would be appetising.

The trouble is, the company thought it would be a good idea to let people post their creations on the official micro-site. Within hours, the site had been flooding with abstract burger designs which only served as a vague accompaniment to the name, which might have been crude, dirty, vaguely witty or just hideously offensive. The site was promptly taken down again, but not before a few websites grabbed a few screenshots of the worst offenders, in case Maccy's thought they could just carry on as if this had never happened.

Some were, as you can see, legitimately hilarious, but most of them just stuck to mentioning terrorists, sexual assault and all the other lovely low-hanging fruit that trolls like to grasp for. In McDonald's defense (and there's a preface I never thought I'd use), their only crime here was thinking people are less horrid than they actually are, and none of this reflects badly on the company, just the people that eat there.

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