New Facebook Feature Aims to Encourage Conversation with Friends

When it comes to your news feed, Facebook are constantly making adjustments in the hope of prioritising content that is more important to you as the user. The social media giant has taken massive steps in terms of cracking down on clickbait, penalising fake or spam stories and promoting video content. As Facebook has developed into a more all-in-one platform, however, conversation among friends on the site has dwindled. This latest tweak seeks to remedy that.

As reported by Mashable, as of Friday 2nd Sept. some users reported seeing a new feature atop their news feed. Titled "What Friends are talking about", the feature intends to compile the most reacted-to posts from your Facebook friends and condense them into one easily-scannable section. This should, in theory, allow you to browse through much more relevant content without the need for endless scrolling past adverts and promoted posts you care very little about.

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Facebook have been making efforts to prioritise friends posts over pages for a while now, and this does seem like a big step in the right direction. For now, the update has only been rolled out to some users, as has become commonplace with Facebook and its competitors, in order to gauge public opinion on the feature and iron out any bugs before it is released en-masse.

The new feature is essentially an updated and improved version of the mentions system Facebook has used for years, whereby if multiple people on your friends list were discussing a similar topic, Facebook would let you know in the hopes that you might join the conversation. This new system seems like the next logical step, condensing that same content down into a much more user-friendly format. Only time will tell if Facebook decide they like the new feature enough to roll it out to all users, so for now we will just have to be patient and wait for that update notification.

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