Oregon Musician Admits to Sexual Assault in Detailed Facebook Post

Img source - Joel Magid (Facebook)
On the evening of the 3rd of September, or the morning of the 4th to our readers here in the UK, a musician from Portland, Oregon, made a startling admission. Joel Magid held very little back as he publicly took full responsibility for an act of sexual assault, one that was only prevented by the actions of a good friend.

Taking to Facebook to make the public confession, Magid's post read as follows:

There's no denying that Magid's actions were inexcusable, and a simple Facebook post will do nothing to help his victim, who likely still carries the emotional scars inflicted upon her on the night in question. The reason I bring attention to his post, however, is because of the conversation generated in the comments.

The response to the post was a mixed bag of support and outrage. Some commenters praised Magid for his 'bravery' in publicly admitting to his mistakes, stating that 'transparency is an important first step'. Others, regardless of his words after the fact, instead took the opportunity to let him know exactly what they thought, often not in the kindest of terms.

Magid clearly didn't make this confession immediately, as the comments reveal that a friend, likely the same friend who stopped the assault from progressing further, encouraged him to own up to what he did. We do not know the date on which the actual assault took place.

Magid's confession and the comments that followed do raise some interesting points, however. Firstly, are those offering support and praise, whilst leaving comments along the lines of 'brave' or 'good for you', completely misguided in their assessment of the situation? Taking responsibility for your actions is a positive, true, but does the perpetrator of a sexual assault really deserve a metaphorical pat on the back? In light of his confession, I'd say he's more deserving of a swift kick and some psychiatric help.

Secondly, I would like to comment on his medium of choice. Posting to Facebook was likely the quickest and furthest-reaching way of letting people know about his actions; but is it really the proper forum for a confession such as this? Before posting, I sincerely hope that Joel thought about the impact his post would have on those around him, and the victim herself. This sordid ordeal is now out in the public forum, and the victim, as some commenters mentioned, will be fully aware of his post and the comments left. She now has to sit and watch as people she likely knows heap praise on her attacker, all while forcing her to relive the situation as details are plastered across the internet. Perhaps he would have been better making this confession privately, to a law enforcement professional, so as to avoid inflicting any more mental anguish upon his victim.

Portland Police have stated that they are aware of the post, but are unable to act unless the victim comes forward to report the crime.

I want to know your opinions in the comments section below, but for now I'll leave you with a comment from Amanda Flowers, which I think sums up the situation best.

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