Pundit App Brings Innovation to Audio

With the arrival of apps, how we experience everything from music to photos to videos has changed significantly. In order to meet the demands of millennials, app developers are constantly seeking that added quirk to differentiate themselves from the competition. The popularity of apps like Instagram and Snapchat rely upon this for their success, but one aspect of our daily lives yet to receive the millennial touch is a rather basic one- chat.

Unveiling their new app at the TechCrunch Disrupt SF event, Pundit is aiming to do exactly that, taking inspiration from the heavy-hitters of the app market to create an engaging new way to encourage conversation.

Co-founders Billy Shaw Susanto and Chris Aston describe the app as a forum for "bite-sized talkshows", which will allow users to "unleash [their] inner Oprah". In order to make the platform a little more fun, Pundit hopes to introduce voice filters including 'monster' and 'robot', taking direct inspiration from Snapchat's ever-popular visual filters.

Referencing their desire to create a fun and interesting platform, Aston stated to the TechCrunch crowd:

"Anchor and many of those voice apps out there really focus on making broadcasting as utilitarian as possible, but the thing that’s missing is the lack of fun and the lack of conversation,” before continuing on to say “Voice and audio is the last frontier for innovation in social media right now.”
Susanto and Aston may be onto something here, and judging from the $120,000 investment they've already secured from the Disney TechStars accelerator, I'm not the only one that thinks so. In fact, Disney have already had some of their most-beloved stars appear on the app to conduct AMAs, and they hope to introduce voice filters further down the line that will allow users to sound just like their favourite characters.
It will be interesting to see if Pundit is ever able to climb to the heights of Snapchat and the like in terms of popularity, but it certainly looks promising in these early days.

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