Snapchat Plug Leak by Unveiling Their New Secret Camera Sunglasses
It's the kind of thing you'd expect to see in a child-friendly 90s spy movie, or a free giveaway at Clarks. It would seem that Snapchat have been quietly working away at their first piece of wearable tech - a pair of sunnies with a little video camera built into the frame. Bet you didn't see that one coming.

The officially named 'Spectacles' were first reported by The Wall Street Journal on Saturday, revealed directly to journalist Seth Stevenson by Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, but there's more to this story. The day before, Business Insider were tipped off about a video on YouTube which seemed to show the Spectacles in action.

The advert shows a man putting them on, and then playing around with his child(ren) at a party, presumably in his garden. The last few shots show his parents (presumably) watching the video on a phone. The final frame reads - 'Spectacles by Snap Inc'. Almost as soon as the video was reported, Snapchat had it taken down, but by that point it had been re-uploaded by Business Insider to their native player, alongside a few choice stills and a GIF.

Whether or not they had planned to announce the Spectacles on Saturday anyway is anyone's guess, but what I would say is that Saturday is a very unusual day to announce anything this big, especially for a tech company. If you feel the need to stroke your beard, be it real or imaginary, and go 'hmmm' at this point, have at it.

Suspicious motivations aside, the glasses are coming this autumn. They will cost $130, or around £100, and will be available in 3 different colours, at least to begin with. The camera itself records footage in a kind of fish-eye format to make it seem more similar to actual human eyesight, and it will link directly to your phone, enabling you to upload the footage to your Snapchat profile instantaneously (or, presumably, start a live feed).

Just so that people can't do anything creepy with them, the camera on the Spectacles features both inward and outward facing lights to show when it's recording. In terms of battery life, Snapchat say that a full charge should last about a day.

If the words 'Google', 'Glass', and 'Sincerest form of flattery' are currently ringing in your ears, don't worry, that's normal. The Spectacles were inspired to some extent by Google Glass, but because the functionality is so much more basic, they can be marketed more cheaply, and with more mass appeal. There's also the fact that they look and work like normal sunglasses, whether as Google Glass makes you look like a character from one of those aforementioned PG-rated 90s spy films.

That's not to say that they're in any way stylist, but they're nondescript enough that you'll still look fairly, well, normal. Leaks or no leaks, this is another example of Snapchat getting ahead of the game, understanding the balance between innovation and practicality. I'm calling it now, this is going to be the hottest Christmas list item of 2016, just you watch.

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