Tinder Jumps on the Spotify Dating Bandwagon

The trend that Tastebuds started by being a music-centric dating service is really starting to catch on. First Bumble integrated their service with Spotify in order to bring music taste into the matching process, and now Tinder are getting in on the act. I'm sure that Bumble founder, and ex-Tinder staffer Whitney Wolfe is laughing pretty hard right now.

Tinder have approached it a little bit differently, however. Instead of linking your Spotify profile with your dating profile and taste-matching you with any other massive Burzum fans which might be lurking about, it enables you to add an 'Anthem' to your profile. Remember how you could set a song to auto-play on your MySpace profile page? This is similar.

You don't necessarily need a Spotify account for this to work, you can still add an Anthem, but if you do have one you can just connect the two accounts and slightly streamline the process of hunting out the ideal song for your profile. Beyond that, if your Spotify profile is linked, other users can have a riffle through a list of top 20 artists that you pick when you add the service.

There will also soon be 'Tinder Music' playlists, curated by the app's staff. These will be based on five rolling themes - 'Pre-Swipe', 'Discovery', 'Match', 'Date Night' and 'Love at First Swipe'. I have absolutely no idea what kind of bearing these categories will have on the song selection, but I imagine they'll find a way to get Whitney Houston into all of them. The real mystery is why anyone, on Tinder or off, would want to listen to a playlist of music compiled by people who work there.

There's no denying that taste in music has a role to play in dating, and social interaction in general, and matching music tastes is a simple, surprisingly effective way of getting to know someone, as outlined by John Cusack in the above clip from High Fidelity (which contains a small, low-yield F-bomb, so fair warning).

Previously, Tinder did include a 'mutual likes' feature which works through your Facebook profile, and often times music would factor into that, but being able to curate and edit your own top artists list is a more active way of doing the same job. Tinder profiles are characteristically threadbare, largely because they're trying to encourage you to talk to the other person. Often, the first line is the hardest, so having the option of mentioning that you're also really into Vincent Price's Orphan Powered Death Machine could well make that initial step easier to take.

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