Twitter Open Moments Up to Everyone
About a year ago, Twitter introduced Moments, a service which curates tweets into rolling, subject-relevant clusters. When it was first announced, only Twitter were doing it, but in the months between announcement and release, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram all rolled their own versions out, and in a bizarre twist of brutal irony, Twitter ended up at the back of the race.

One of the reasons why Moments ended up looking like a poor cousin to things like Snapchat Stories was the fact that it wasn't open to the user-base. Twitter had control over Moments, and each new 'Moment' was framed around a specific event, theme, famous person or whatever else. That's fine, in principle, but people rarely respond well to a social media feature which they are left to passively observe.

Well, it looks like that's finally about to change. The company announced on Wednesday that the feature will soon be updated so that anyone can create a Moment, and the announcement came bundled with a short video explaining how to actually do it. According to said video, you don't necessarily need to be following the accounts the tweets are coming from, so long as the subject is pertinent.

Additionally, being the generous buggers they are, Twitter also provided a list of tips and tricks for creating the ideal Moment (which is, in and of itself, a moment). Tips include keeping titles short, keeping the number of tweets in the Moment to around 10, making use of images, GIFs and videos and using top tweets as a form of inspiration.

Of course, Twitter's users have never been overly keen on directly following advice like that, so expect to see plenty of Moments which colour outside the lines; far from a bad thing. The hope, presumably, is that this move will help improve their user engagement and push them further away from financial turmoil (and the disturbing notion of a Mickey Mouse being placed over the logo).

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