Twitter to Pay Users to Create Original Video

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You know a social media service is serious about video when they not only start showing ads alongside them but offer their users the chance to make money off them as well. In Twitter's case, this is kind of interesting because they've been notoriously stingy in the past when it comes to this sort of thing.

The program is being rolled out to US users as of the 31st August and it might actually be better than you expect. Twitter are offering a 70/30 split of the profits with the 70% going towards the creator and the smaller amount to Twitter. This is unexpected as even YouTube only offer a 55/45 percent split between the creators and themselves, but Twitter probably needs a larger split to make their offerings sound more attractive. As well as this Twitter videos don't need to be exclusive to their site to earn money. A user could post their video a few places to gain more viewers and Twitter will still pay them. What they're probably hoping for here is that users will encourage their viewers to come watch their videos on Twitter using their other services as they can make more money through them. The revenue split actually isn't that much of a surprise when you consider they offer the same sort of split to Vine users, but that took a long time to roll out itself out. The sad thing is this new program will not offer any money towards Periscope users so that could take a lot more time.

Earning money on Twitter has been streamlined so it's easy to do. Once you've signed up to the program and have been approved, all you have to do is to click the rev-share button when you upload your video. Okay, you will have to make your viewers sit through ads to get any money but unfortunately, most video sharing sites feature adverts these days so most users will be used to them and aren't going to be bothered by them.

This program isn't perfect though and Twitter won't pay users anything as any sort of incentive to create videos. This isn't a surprise but it might mean that users are slow to sign onto the program. Facebook might push incentives a little too hard but offering none at all means you're likely to be off to a slow start. You kind of need a good in-between of Facebook and Twitter where you receive encouragement to use the services and make money but it still pays well when you are finally earning something.

Generally, this looks to be a smart move for Twitter so if you're interested, why not sign up now?

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