Twitter's Latest Transparency Report - This Is For Everyone

Legal requests may ask for us to turn over information about a Twitter account and/or ask to remove content, like tweets.

Twitter's new transparency is setting the standards not just for all social media platforms but for all businesses.

Twitter's updated transparency section, includes interactive infographics, better breakdowns of numbers, and generally, far better explanations helping to explain the data and the issues Twitter and its users are facing, in a simpler way.

They're not like an iTunes terms and conditions update, which hardly anyone actually reads, it's actual information. This is made for you, not for you to avoid.

Twitter launched their first transparency report in 2012,  back when it was the end of the world... Of closed door company politics.

These reports are Twitter's attempt to draw attention to the government requests for customers’ information they receive. Providing this insight is simply "the right thing to do". It's very good company policy and it's a policy that has encouraged numerous other companies to follow suit.

The data in the report includes government requests (and other complaints of illegal content from authorised reporters) that they've received to remove or withhold content on Twitter whichever country you're looking into.

The information shows a better insight into requests they formally or informally challenge. There is far more transparency into the inner workings of Twitter.

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The fact that Twitter's quite openly discussing their current lawsuit against the U.S. government, (Twitter v. Lynch) which seeks more meaningful transparency regarding national security requests, shows their attempt to be as transparent as possible with their users.

Twitter has added several new sections about global information requests, including the number of preservation requests for users data.

It carries more information regarding a breakdown between emergency and non-emergency requests.

Twitter has published a new, publicly available resource for users who have been impacted by legal requests, whether for the production of account information or the removal of content. They also define what 'legal requests' actually refers to, what it means for Twitter and what it means for you.

It's just really interesting/awesome to have a company as open as this, in terms of helping the user to understand the legal information when their using the website.

It's like that book of Civil Law that's tucked away in a corner of your house which you've forgotten about. Twitter finds it for you, dusts it off and says: 'here's the updated version, and how the law will affect you in what you're posting'.

At the same time they're drawing attention to the massive debate of surveillance.

The data's interactivity makes it super easy for everyone to use and to understand. This isn't the information that the company is compelled to report, this is information for you, for the everyday user to read up on and to understand. Twitter has once again set a standard by demonstrating the 1st commandment of the Internet "This is for everyone".

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