Worth Your Weight In Followers - Is Social Media the New Measure of Fame?

I can get a free drink at Starbucks if I pay for 15 others via my Starbucks app. When it's my birthday (allegedly) I can get a free doughnut at Krispy Kreme...I had to earn that item through having a birthday, or paying enough to be given 1 for free. Each company basically has the same method.

What I cannot do is walk into Starbucks and demand a platter filled with Thor sized goblets of coffee, for no money. However, I probably could if I had enough followers on Twitter or Instagram.

That is how a lot of people's worth are being measured now.

For instance, there are apps where, with enough followers, you can stay at certain hotels and other places without having to spend a penny during your stay.

Even Hollywood is forcing actors to mold into this new landscape. Actor Gemma Arterton, explained how she'd been told that “a lot of the casting for film happens on social media”.

Do you think Cara Delevigne would've made it into Suicide Squad without her 33 million Instagram followers?

If she's crap in a movie then her reputation as an actor might suffer slightly, but that doesn't really matter.

Hollywood: Will her presence make us more money? 
Casting director: Yes.
Hollywood: Then make me a Suicide Squad!
Casting director: There is a better actor who could...
Hollywood: I don't care.

It makes sense. Especially as the number of financially successful original movies has been dwindling, whilst the number of sequels or remakes has been on the rise.

How original are the top 10 Hollywood movies 2005-14

So, is there really much risk for actors now? If a social media famous person becomes an actor is their credibility at stake?

I doubt much harm can be done if you stay true to the persona you had where your reputation was built.

Look at PewDiePie, he has millions of followers, even with his recent blunder in saying he was going to join ISIS, the followers stay true to him.

It seems that with enough followers you could do anything. Just earn enough of them before going out into the world to pursue your job as an actor or *insert word here* then jump out of an Oscar shaped plane with zero finess and land on your Net of followers.

Why should any company make an advert when you can do it for them now?

So, the next time you see me in Starbucks or Krispy Kreme making some strange ostentatious order, I'll be doing it whilst wearing a shirt with my Instagram name and shaving a Nike tick into the side of my head.

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