Contest Launched to Design Anti-Bullying Emojis
Last year, The Ad Council launched the I Am A Witness campaign, geared towards encouraging anyone who sees bullying going on to report it. At the time, the campaign was fronted by a special, speech bubble-shaped eye emoji.

Now, that eye has become the centre piece of a new contest, entitled 'Witness Creativity'. Through the website, I Am A Witness have made a downloadable template available for Adobe Sketch, as well as the same files as layered psds or jpgs for those who would rather use Photoshop. There's also a printable version of the eye for those who want to work with paper.
There are also a bunch of example images so that you can see what kind of thing to aim for. It opens up to a public vote on the 8 finalists on the 10th of November, and the winning image will appear in a downloadable keyboard alongside a clutch of other anti-bullying emoji (and $3,000). 7 runners up will receive $1,000.

The idea is not only to get teens more actively involved with anti-bullying campaigning, but to engage them in a language they understand, using tech, social media and graphics. The main aim, of course, is to make the I Am A Witness emblem even more recongisable, until it's almost a universal sign for speaking out against bullying.

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