Facebook is Overhauling Live-streaming in an Attempt to Overtake Twitter

With social media, it doesn't really matter how well your company might be doing, if someone else beats you to the punch on something, it can do untold damage to your long term business plans. That's why, despite Twitter's financial woes, they can still give Facebook a good scare.

At the moment, live-streaming is Twitter's best foot forward, and their acquisition of the rights to broadcast Thursday Night Football has been one of their biggest recent successes. Facebook are, at the moment, running to catch up, but that run is turning into a sprint.

In a similar vein, they recently broadcast the Orlando Magic/San Antonio Spurs game exclusively, but that's just the start. Facebook have now also released an app allowing you to transfer live-streams from Facebook to your TV, using either Apple TV or Chromecast. While it's not as widely compatible as Twitter's version, it does seem to be a bit more sleek.

Of course, the really important thing is the content, and Facebook are already seeing some interesting ideas. Recently, they broadcast the first live-streamed murder mystery. It'll be a while before either service is able to offer a full compliment of live content, the bulk of it will probably be sport for the time being, Twitter are already set to broadcast the Melbourne Cup horse race, but Facebook's far larger budget means that it won't be long before they'll be able to match and even outstrip them on event broadcasting.

Of course, Twitter have never had any trouble forging gainful partnerships and while their stock valuation is worryingly low, they still have money to play around with. Facebook seem to be focusing mainly on promotional branded content, particularly for shows like Stranger Things, Mr. Robot and Narcos. It's novel, but it's not enough to make people want to put Facebook Live on their TV screen. The coming months will be crucial.

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