Gambling Ads in Danger of Social Media Ban in UK

The Sun
Any visit to an even vaguely nefarious website without the aid of adblocker will likely see you overloaded with ads, and most of them will be gambling related. The gambling industry enjoys a kind of freedom on the internet that it has never been able to fully realise in the actual, physical world.

Sure, casinos and gambling halls aren't hard to find, but they are restricted across most of the world by heavily regimented gambling laws, and many of them relate to advertising. Some gambling advertising is permitted, and some of it goes on under the radar, but it depends heavily on the kind of gambling you're talking about.

Here in the UK, the government is currently investigating fixed odds gambling terminals, following claims that many of the machines are actually stealing money from people, as well as the rather disquieting figures which show that in the past 3 years, the number of gambling addicts has nearly doubled.

The focal point of the proposed ban is actually daytime television, but social media is being placed under the same umbrella. Of course, banning any kind of advertising on TV is much easier than doing it on social media, as social media platforms don't adhere to any kind of national standards agency. Bans would have to be put in place on each individual platform, and the owners of said platforms would have to play ball.

Gambling advertising does bring a lot of money into online sponsorship, since it doesn't really care what the website is for, but social media is such prime real estate that most of the advertising you see on there is blue chip anyway, if you'll pardon the pun. The TV ban will probably worry them more, but this could be sign of future crackdowns on social media advertising, something that the bigger sports bettering firms like Paddy Power and William Hill will probably worry about more than anyone else.

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