Hooch's Influencer Campaign Ft. Joe Charman Banned by ASA - #OutrageouslyRefreshing

Hooch's Vine

Hooper's Hooch, known simply as Hooch, is an alcopop beverage with a storied past replete in nineties British references. Those do escape me, however, I can appreciate the smooth, lemony taste and fun-loving feel of Hooch. So too does Vine celebrity and influencer Joe Charman who was recently drawn into Global Brands owned Hooch's social media push. Along with Charman, Hooch recruited additional Vine fame with Huw Samuel, Leslie Wai, and Stuggy. Refusing to skimp on platforms, Vine, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube were all given attention over three months.

A regular feature in Hooch advertising, Charman's internet fame  came from a variety of Vines showcasing his mastery of useless tricks and talents, called "I've Got Skills." Charman's popularity has been garnered largely through a younger crowd, thanks to his random finesse and "impressive but pointless" tricks.   
Charman featured in a Hooch advert on Facebook entitled "When its [sic] your round ... Make It a Hooch! #OutrageouslyRefreshing" In it, Charman walks poolside with three bottles of Hooch in hand. He takes a running jump, landing on an inflatable item in the pool which floated across, depositing Charman on the opposite side to his waiting friends. He hands each friend a bottle. Apart from the friends bordering on underage, Charman's antics are far flung from adulthood.

The video, released 10 June 2016, has since been removed after the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) banned it for promoting "juvenile behaviour." Concerned UK advertising watchdogs complained about the ad, stating that because Charman was with young people it breached the code and was "likely to be of particular appeal to under-18s." Additionally, much of Charman's fanbase is made up of young people.

Interestingly, Facebook said that the post did not violate their terms.

In answer to the ban, Global Brands stated that Charman's acts are not feasible for viewers to imitate or mimic as they are "not real or achievable." Simply put, Charman is an entertainer and believes that this much is obvious based on the impossible feats he regularly performs. The ASA asserted that the ad as it is will not be allowed to air. 

Global Brands senior brand manager Christian Sarginson said in a statement that the company was "extremely disappointed" with ASA's decision to keep the ban in place.

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