Live Streaming is the Future - Facebook Live Pushed to the Masses

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Facebook Live is the next big thing. It's a revolution, the new standard of communication, at least Facebook is trying to make it so with a robust ad campaign. Announced Friday, the two-part campaign's sole driving force is showing the average user that Facebook's Live video feature is a tool for everyone. For the time being, ads can be seen in the U.S. and U.K. over a variety of platforms; TV, online ads, billboards, bus ads, basically any place where Facebook can jam an advert in.

Live streaming has become a way for brands to show off unique engagement, related art, or broadcast regular morning shows breaking the parameters of traditionalism. However, apart from that, the ordinary Facebook user has expressed apprehension towards using Live to personally stream. Internal research has proven that. To counter this stigma, the ads for this campaign have been shot using Facebook Live from phones to appear as organic as possible.

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The first batch of ads appear as video diaries or spontaneous events in 15-second spots beginning with a 3-2-1 countdown. The dialogue in ads is completely authentic, meaning no script was used. All content was compiled using Facebook Live and shot on a phone. Scott Trattner, Vice President and Executive Creative Director for Brand Marketing said that videos in the campaign are from real people who had their stream set to Public. By scanning Facebook Live Map for memorable streams, Facebook was able to feature original videos in its campaign.

Created by in-house ad agency The Factory, the ads released Monday are but the first stage of Facebook's campaign. Part one is aimed at spreading awareness.

Part two, slatted to drop 7 Nov., is a tutorial phase which will walk people through streaming. Vice President of Consumer and Brand Marketing Rebecca Van Dyck said to Adweek that this part of the campaign will be "a little more educational - the ads are a fun guide for how to go Live. It's the same aesthetic, but in many cases very site-specific. For example, we have one on a billboard in Times Square that literally says, 'How to Go Live in Times Square.'"

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Facebook has formulated the absolute best way to push people into Live with these ads. Site-specific ads, like "How to Go Live While Everyone is Waiting for the First Suitcase to Drop" displayed near a luggage carousel, will prompt people to whip out their phones and follow directives on the spot. This will break the barrier for those who are nervous about appearing on a live video feed. Van Dyck said that the team "looked at the different places people go live, where they might be inspired, and the different moments people use the product" to demonstrate that Live is applicable to everyone. Undoubtedly, a portion of the tutorials will demonstrate how streamed events can be tailored to a specific audience for those who are shy about their social ventures.

The fun of the internet and social platforms in general is the lack of seriousness... or at least seriousness softened by little expressive faces. Facebook has bottled this fun and distributed it in the form of reaction emojis. During Live events, viewers can contribute with reaction emojis which bounce around the video.

Facebook is far from the first platform to venture into live territory. has cornered the market on live streaming, broadcasting gamers and their games to ravenous fans since 2011. It wasn't until 2014 that Amazon acquired Twitch, once it had proven itself to be more than a passing fad. Steadily, this form of entertainment has cropped up in different applications. From communicating in (nearly) real-time on Snapchat to watching the presidential debate on YouTube's Live streaming section to exploring the world through the lens of Twitter's live-streaming app Periscope, live communication and broadcasting is the wave of the future.

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