Netflix Germany Stream Live Hunt for Pablo Escobar on Facebook and Twitch

The second series of Narcos has been on Netflix for around a month now, so it's probably safe to assume that most of the die-hard fans have already watched it at least once over, probably more. That in mind, it's fair to suggest that some of them might be feeling a bit stuck for things to do. Well, they could always watch a live stream of someone actually hunting for Pablo Escobar.

I know what you're thinking, Pablo Escobar has been dead since 1993, and it's fairly common knowledge where he's buried, so what is this, a live steam of a pleasant walk through Itagüí? Well, no, you silly sausage, it was all staged.

Four popular YouTube gamers were invited to a Berlin studio, set up to look like a DEA office, and then split into two teams and given a series of challenges. There was Team #Plata - Benx and VeniCraft - and Team #Plomo - Krankcrafter and Hardi. The whole thing was hosted by another big time YouTube gamer, Rewinside.

The teams were given a series of challenges related to the plot of the show, and the actual, real-life manhunt for Escobar after his escape from La Catedral prison. Actual clips from the show were integrated into the feed, which was broadcast on Facebook Live and Twitch. Activities ranged from searching a prison cell for clues to finishing puzzles to navigating a virtual map by running on a specially designed treadmill.

Viewer interaction was encouraged during the live broadcast, largely using the comments section, which the teams used hashtag filters to look through. The hashtags on the team named made sure that supporters of each could be sure that they were reaching the right side. All told, the stream generated more than 86,000,000 views. You can watch the full thing above, but just so you're aware, it's in German.

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