One Day Later, Facebook Marketplace Turns into a Drug Den

Clearly some of the regulations on Facebook's shiny new marketplace were a tad loose, to say the least. It was set up to allow people to sell and buy goods without ever leaving Facebook. I imagine that, when the idea was conceived, they were thinking of bikes, sofas, bread makers, all the stuff you sell when you're moving house, or unloading all your ex's useless crap.

They probably weren't thinking about guns, drugs, animals or, well, sex. Hours after launch, all of these things suddenly appeared on the service, in what could either be regarded as a blight of mass trolling, mass stupidity or some unholy cocktail of the two.

They were rapidly removed, with Facebook putting it down to a "technical issue" with the filtering. Technical issue is a pretty soft term for a foul up as colossal as this, and you can't help but wonder if any black market purchases were enacted successfully before the boys in blue rectified it. It's actually still being fixed, with the admins simply keeping a very close eye on things until it is.

Allegedly, there are still a few of these nefarious posts kicking around, despite this, but one assumes that any attempt to actually respond will get them flagged and removed post-haste. Of course, what they can't remove is the tweets from befuddled users about how they ever allowed such a heinous thing to occur. They won't be shaking this off for a while.

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