Robert Downey Jr Just Offered to Be Zuckerberg's A.I. Butler

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You may remember that earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg announced his plans to create a Iron Man Jarvis-style AI to run his home. The AI would take care of various basic tasks like letting people into the house, adjusting internal temperatures, and looking after his children. What could go wrong!?

Well, Zuckerberg recently posed the question as to who exactly he should get to voice his new robotic companion:

A load of suggestions starting flying in, with particularly popular ones being Benedict Cumberbatch and Paul Bettany, the actual Jarvis voice actor in the Iron Man films. But then in waded Robert Downey Jr with his offer:

Zuckerberg immediately jumped onboard:

The comments were filled with other suggestions for the voice actor, ranging from the sublime (Morgan Freeman) to the ridiculous (Andy Samberg playing Mark Zuckerberg) to the, er, impractical (Hodor - unless you need a door held open).

After the January announcement, Zuck seems to have made some progress with his AI system, announcing in August that it was gradually gaining capabilities and may soon be ready for public display. The AI can now perform simple tasks such as adjusting the lights and temperature, opening gates, and even making toast.

Eventually the AI could perhaps be programmed to perform more complex tasks, maybe pouring drinks, giving backrubs, cooking and serving food, administering medicine - oh wait, we know where that leads, letting HAL 9000 into the house is never a good idea:

If Zuckerberg decides to press on with his plan, I hope he at least learns one thing from this Simpsons episode... don't let Pierce Brosnan do the voice. RDJ is a much safer bet.

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