Snapchat API Campaigns Are Coming, With McDonald's and Nissan Leading the Pack
Snapchat are now allowing advertisers to buy ads through third party providers. That might not sound like a particularly big deal, but it means that brands will be able to advertise through social media advertising companies which specialise in ranking, analytics and boosting tools.

Surprising at it might sound, even the biggest firms sometime struggle with targeted social media advertising, especially on platforms like Snapchat, which requires a lot of out-of-the-box thinking. In the US, Nissan, Gatorade and a few others have partnered with 4C, whilst McDonald's Australia have done a deal with advertising Megazord Brand Networks.

Other companies are expected to sign up in both the aforementioned countries, as well as the UK and Canada, but reports on this have only just started trickling in and nothing is written in stone. This form of advertising is known as 'programmatic', which basically means that no human interaction is involved in the purchase of advertising space, it's all done mechanically.

In Snapchat's case, it's an auction system, judging potential advertisers in terms of their creative performance and targeted engagement. In the latter case, that could be age groups, gender, location or even things more specific like whether they're on a tablet or a phone. A lot of the partners are also affiliated with Facebook and Twitter, so advertisers can actually see how much better or worse Snapchat performance figures prove to be (better, supposedly, much better).

Advertisers have already starting going at Snapchat sideways, creating games and filter promotions and other things which wouldn't really work on other platforms. If their automated advertising market rewards creativity, this trend can only continue. Keep an eye on this, we might soon actually start seeing companies migrating away from Facebook and Twitter in favour of Snapchat. Dare to dream, you crazy yellow ghouls.

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