The Do Not Snap Badge Keeps Your Face Blurry on Social Media

Have you ever been tagged without actually giving the photographer/uploader permission to do so? Of course you have, because nobody actually asks the subjects of a photo whether or not they're happy to be tagged after taking it, it just happens anyway. Even if the person who took the picture doesn't tag it, somebody else might.

There are many reasons people might rather keep their faces off social media. The photos in question might make it obvious that you were on drugs at the time, or show you smoking (we all have parents, none of them approve); they might provide a way for a stalker to track you down, or serve as proof that you only said you were ill so you could skip Pam's leaving drinks and go to an all night rave, or some combination of all of these things (this list is in no way based on personal experience).

More significantly, parents often don't like images of their children being posted online, tagged or otherwise. Well, the Do Not Snap badge provides a solution to all these problems. This small, elegantly basic piece of wearable tech sends out a signal indicating that the wearer wants their face blurred out.

Yahoo News UK
Of course, in order for it to work, the social networks the images are shared on have to integrate the software, but it's hard to think of a reason why they would refuse. It's just a matter of respect, if images of people are coming up with a prompt asking for their faces to be blurred out, it's probably better to respect that wish.

The rate of images being uploaded to social media is growing every day, and there's a kind of unspoken assumption that tagging is just sort of fine. Some avoid it by keeping their photos private, but even if they exist on any platform untagged, it's not that difficult to dig them out. Even with gadgets like this coming out, it's time we all examined our digital etiquette a bit more closely.

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