Twitter Announce That We Shall Vine No More
After 4 years of 6 second packages of fun, ridiculousness, pointlessness, narcissism, obscurity, stupidity and everything in between, Vine is no more. Twitter have announced that the Vine is being cut for good, as the video app will be gradually discontinued across platforms over the next few months. Sorry, Batdad, we had a good run.

The website is staying up for the time being, the videos themselves remain downloadable and users will be notified of any changes well ahead of time, but the fact remains that Vine will, soon enough, be gone. It's true that the service has been in decline for a while, but it's hard to think of another video app that's had such a massive, resonant impact on internet culture.

Admittedly, some of the behaviour funnelled through Vine was beyond idiotic, but some of it was comedy gold, and without it we wouldn't have Netflix and chill, and how much fun have we all had with that phrase. Some Vine creators have launched full blown careers off the back of it, and while their ongoing success won't be hindered by the app's demise, there will likely always be an echo of it living through their work.

Part of what made Vine so successful was the simplicity, you had 6 precious seconds to get your idea across, and when you think about it like that, what some people did with such a limited amount of time is amazing. Its death is partly to do with the increasing prevalence of short video posting on other platforms like Facebook and Snapchat, and partly to do with GIFs, live streams and longer videos becoming more the norm.

There's something rather poignant about seeing a moment trapped in a 6 second loop, though. It forces you to observe it from multiple angles, expand it, crystallise it. Sometimes you'd catch yourself staring at a Vine for minutes, completely mesmerised by something which, under other circumstances, might have completely passed you by. So, a fond farewell to Vine, a relic of a simpler time, when everyone was busy being terrified of ancient Mayan prophecies, rather than an oily mound of boiled corn beef with a ridiculous yellow toupee.

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