Unsettling YouTube Video Disturbs the Dregs of a 7-Year-Old Cold Case

Still from YouTube
Regardless of the social media platform, people are what drive the internet. From round the world, across continents, people connect within the webbing of comments.The prevalence of social media and online personas have driven us into the digital age; so much so that we forget that there's a person shielded behind each username. A person with individualistic tendencies, thriving off of personal thoughts, and driven by a totally unique mind. Currently, nearly 3.5 billion people are accessing the vast well of information we call the internet. Unite these powerful people under a cause and you'd better get ready for the ensuing mob mentality.

A situation has arisen concerning a strange YouTube video entitled, "Hi Walter! I got a new gf today!" It's an older one, from October 2009, and is quite unpleasant. In it the man, username Hi Walter! Its me Patrick!, appears to be vlogging specifically to tell his friend about a girl he met at the mall. It isn't until the very end of the video that Patrick introduces his alleged camera-shy girlfriend, tied up and cloistered in what appears to be the world's most impractical bathroom. It ends with Patrick stepping into the small room and slamming the door closed. Morning ruined.

The video in question has been removed for violating YouTube policy against violent or graphic content. However, for those of you craving creepiness, check it out below.

One can never guess what will hit the viral video jackpot. This particular atrocity found its way into the public eye in mid-August of this year, prompting debunking videos. Just a few days ago, an Imgur user posted a detailed analysis of the video in which the room, bound girl, and Patrick were carefully scrutinised. Why delve so deeply into the footage? Well, Imgur wanted to solve a crime. As has happened in the past, internet-dwellers believe that they can help with any mysterious wrongdoing if given enough time to peruse the evidence. To be fair, trusty internet folk have solved their share. In this case, Imgurian TheGeminiTIGER had all the right intentions. His attention to detail is impressive as the breadth of his search. See his work for yourself.

TheGeminiTIGER concluded that the woman in the video may well be Kayla May Berg, a girl reported missing 7 years ago. Age 15 at the time of her disappearance, Berg's case has been cold for a long time ... until TheGeminiTIGER spent an inordinate amount of time snooping around. According to his or her post, Berg was reported missing exactly two months before the video upload date. The woman bears a physical resemblance to Berg (as much as can be seen in the video) and is wearing the same outfit as she was when reported missing. Armed with knowledge and upvotes, TheGeminiTIGER alerted the Antigo Police Department in Wisconsin of his or her suspicions on 10 October.

Others weighed in on the fiasco, claiming that the woman resembled actor Sarah Bull. She has denied any involvement. Reddit got in on the discussion as well, to be expected.

The Truth At Last

Earlier this week, Antigo Police Department released a statement refuting the allegations regarding the kidnapping.

Patrick has been identified as an actor for the YouTube channel 2150studios who make low budget videos. TheGeminiTIGER has issued an apology for jumping to conclusions.

This isn't the first case of social media justice gone awry. During the Boston Marathon bombing, the subreddit /findbostonbomber took the case upon itself, madly scanning footage of the event in the hopes of identifying the bomber amidst the swarming crowds. Lathering for righteous justice, Reddit dragged innocent victims into the fray, wrongly identifying Sunil Tripathi as the bomber. Moderator of the subreddit Chris Ryves has even made a documentary about the spiraling beast of assumption spawned from the initial posting.

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