Coca-Cola's Version of a Selfie Stick is Absolutely Dreadful

Remember the much-berated selfie stick? People were quick to demonise and condemn the selfie-tool. Despite the hate, I don't doubt that many of you received one as funny stocking-stuffer only to realise that they are, in fact, dead useful. If you can bring yourself to whip it out in public, pictures actually turn out well and everyone fits in the shot. The damned invention actually has a practical use, regardless of how harshly others may judge you for using one.

Coca-Cola has found an unusual way to encourage narcissism and revive the selfie stick with their newest creation, the Coca-Cola selfie bottle. These 500ml bottles have a plastic camera attached to the bottom which automatically snaps a photo when tilted to a 70-degree angle. For those of you who don't down your pop in one ungodly chug, that means that there's the potential for Coca-Cola to stockpile dozens of photos of you enjoying their beverage. A bit creepy, but okay. Photos are automatically uploaded to Coca-Cola's Israeli Facebook page and Instagram account. That's ... even creepier. So, in buying a selfie bottle, you are signing up to have your face plastered all over corporate social media. Keep that firmly in mind.

Apparently the camera will also upload shots to your Snapchat account. As of now, the method by which it gains access to your account has not been disclosed. The bottle mechanism comes in the trademark Coca-Cola red with the camera lens at the top. It is said to be equipped with a USB port to transfer out images.

Created by Tel Aviv creative agency Gefen Team, the bottles were meant to be released over the summer as a part of the Coca-Cola Summer Love campaign. The idea was spawned after Gefen Team noticed a gap in the market for novelty drinks. A summer release would have produced some inspiring, picturesque selfies. However, they've been delayed until recently. Look out for these bottles in the coming weeks.

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