Gaming Site Waypoint Debuts with 72-Hour Twitch Stream (Why VICE Gaming Is Now Waypoint)
Vice Media's newest gaming site, Waypointheld a 72-hour gaming extravaganza in place of the usual launch party/announcement. They broadcasted the event in a live-stream on Twitch. Periodically, the stream was disrupted by sponsor commercials. The sponsor? Why, Carl's Jr. of course.

In the stream, dubbed "72 games in 72 hours," viewers saw game developers, gaming reporters, and special guest, rapper Chief Keef, game like no other. The 72 games didn't stick to the usual standard either; included in the mix were tabletop classics (Dungeons and Dragons, Scrabble), recent goodies (Rocket League), and new releases (Titanfall 2). Kicking off at noon on Friday, the stream occupied Twitch's front page for three days, ending around noon on Monday. The stream was well-received by the gaming community, inspiring fan art in the middle of it all.

Waypoint's editor-in-chief Joel Fowler said, "We're largely just trying to play nicely with everyone, which you don't always see from other gaming sites."

Elevator Party (img src:
A prominent face in the marathon was Carl's Jr. mascot "Happy Star" who took center stage in live sketches. The delightful suited star interacted with guests, passed out nutritious burgers, and entertained with what I'd like to call star stunts. In between gaming sessions, the camera would switch to the Happy Star, featuring 20 different live ads over the course of the stream. Ad length ranged from 15 seconds to about a minute and interrupted the stream approximately every 60 to 90 minutes. Vice's branded production team and Pulse Films (a Vice-acquired UK-based production agency) were responsible for the ads. According to Twitch, this is the first instance of live commercials streamed on the platform.

Austin Walker, Waypoint's editor in chief said this about live advertising: "This is an interesting, weird, experimental advertising strategy aimed at an audience that is super skeptical and bored with traditional advertising. We have to keep them engaged."

The marathon proved too much for some who fell victim to delirium induced by lack of sleep. Overall though, it bodes well for the newest video game channel on the block. I've pulled some of the best tweets our of their massive collection for your amusement.

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