Hefty Buys Up Online Ad-Space So That Trump and Hillary Can't

Hefty has taken it upon themselves to carry out the legacy of their products by containing the filth that Americans would rather not see. The Reynolds Consumer Products-owned producer of disposable household products has purchased valuable online advertising space just to prevent excessive political rubbish being shown.

In the past week, Hefty put out static ads that read as above. These banner ads can be found on several websites, including CNN's homepage. Fox News, AOL, and Huffington Posts' political page will receive the same treatment through Election Day on November 8th. Additionally, the message will be shown as a pre-roll ad before YouTube videos, lasting six seconds. The simple message shown over a black background is a welcome break from the shaming, damning political advertising formerly unseen before this presidential campaign.

Americans can thank the Marist Poll for the Knights of Columbus for the idea. The poll concluded that 80% of people surveyed said that they were fed up with negative political ads. In regards to this election, 74% said that the problem was worse than in past years. Sponsor of the research, Carl Anderson of the Knights of Columbus, said, "The American people want and deserve civility and a conversation on the issues rather than the personal vilification of political opponents."

Ads will be delivered based on keyword searches. Making the most of their purchase, Hefty is concentrating their release in key swing states or in any state identified by Ad Age as a high-spend state for Trump or Clinton advertising, namely Florida, Nevada, Colorado, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and North Carolina.

Havas Chicago, a creative agency, concotced this digital campaign in the hopes of alleviating some of the stresses caused by the influx of political ads. Jason Peterson, chief creative office at Havas Chicago said that the driving force behind the ads is to build "A brand relationship with consumers in a modern way. Hefty isa bout ultimate strength when it comes to trahs, I think this is a great analogy for this product. It shows that they kind of get it, they understand what you are feeling and are empathetic to you."

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