My Social Book Turns Your Social Media Activity Into a Printed Volume

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Somehow, even in this day and age, printed content feels so much more real than digital. You can scroll and swipe and VR to your heart's content but it still won't have the same feel as a tome gently resting in your hands. That in mind, how would it feel to have a year or more's worth of your social media activity resting there in such a way? Very weird, I imagine.

Well, I don't have to imagine, and neither does anybody else, thanks to My Social Book. It's a service which takes your social media data and transforms it into a volume, which you can then pay to have printed and sent to you. Photos, status updates, wall posts, comments and everything else are arranged into sections, ordered by year, and beyond that everything else is pretty much up to you.

You can see the preview more or less straight after inputing the parameters. I took a look at mine and it was a strange experience, to say the least. There was a two page spread of photos of my friend Adam's face, courtesy of something that happened when I left my phone with him on a night out, and one page was largely occupied by a fairly heated political debate I'd had with someone, but bookended by link to a movie trailer and a photo of me with a dog's head.

It seems like the broader appeal of this service depends heavily on how you use your Facebook and Instagram accounts. If, like me, you're a bit more scattershot, it's going to come out looking like House of Leaves, but if you're a parent, or someone who documents things a bit more consistently, it would probably make for a great memento.

The service tends to opt for the more popular posts, which again means that parents are going to see lots of kid-related fare, as well as any kind of life achievement, the kind of thing that's easy to like, and thus gets liked a lot. Again, I'm probably in the wrong market, half of what I do on social media is share my writing, other people's writing, and get tagged in embarrassing photos from gigs and music festivals. Hardly coffee table book material.

If you are the sort of person who might have something to gain from this service, it's relatively cost-effective and there's all kinds of gift giving potential in there. On a more basic level though, once again, it would be interesting to actually have and hold a physical manifestation of social media activity.

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