Planning to Screenshot Direct Messages on Instagram? You Might Want to Reconsider

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One of the main workarounds put into use with Snapchat was taking screenshots of the messages so they would be saved somewhere, rather than outright disappearing. It was a simple trick, and it also meant that, owing to phones only having a certain amount of space, only the best snaps ended up being committed to the digital halls of history.

If you hadn't noticed, Instagram have been copying Snapchat features left, right and centre, and alongside the new ephemeral messaging system, they've also cloned the feature which Snapchat brought in to address it - the sender gets a notification when someone screenshots their picture.

The key difference? With Snapchat an icon pops up, but with this you actually get a push notification telling you who it was. That might sound relatively minor, but it rewires the entire process. From the person taking the screenshot's point of view, saving the image might be completely innocent, but the sender may not interpret it that way, depending on who the other person is. Facebook really do seem to be waging war on anyone even mildly socially anxious.

I suppose you could equally argue that they're doing this to keep people from creeping on each other, but that wouldn't exactly fall in line with the company ethos, given that Instagram seems like it was almost designed to let you creep on people.

Of course you can still screenshot anything else you find on Instagram and it won't send notifications to anyone, but weirdly if you take one of your dashboard it'll suggest places you might want to share it, because that's not weird. In either case, screenshots and Instagram - not good bedfellows.

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