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Some of you may remember the anonymous sharing app Secret. It acted as an outlet for people to post thoughts and inner dialogues on a discreet forum, acting as a social network devoid of identifying profiles. It was shut down September 2015 following a spat of legal battles and complaints that it enabled bullying. When Secret blushed lips with a telltale glimmer of truth (i.e. in its heyday), the app boasted 15 million users. Developed by co-founders David Byttow and Chrys Bader-Wechseler, the app allowed posters to disclose telling information - rumors or gossip - without identifying details. It fell into disarray when several team members left the company, Bader-Wechseler was one of them, prompting an immediate cut in staff. Eventually, it closed down.

On 12 November, David Byttow announced in a Facebook post on his personal profile and Twiter that Secret would be brought back to life. Spurred to action by the results for America's 2016 Presidential Election, Byttow told TechCrunch that "the downsides of current social media products MUST be addressed, and this is currently the way that I know how."

Clearly, the results of the election came as a shock.

The groundwork for social media integration into politics was laid by the Obama administration. Aside from giving the nation a firsthand view into Obama's thoughts, life, and policies, his social presence have made him one of the more popular presidents in history. His personal touch was clarified through his social media reflection. Following his unrivaled success through social platforms, the next candidates for the presidency were quick to adopt social media into their separate campaigns. During the election, social media morphed into a campaign tool used to pigeonhole support and force mass appeal. It directly influenced the outcome of the election; Donald Trump even credited it for his win. Facebook's recent mix-up with fake news has been linked to the outcome of the election, as it caused an "echo chamber" effect.

For now, the new Secret is in the early planning stages with no release date in sight. To start off, Byttow plans to get input on the app in order to build so as to cut down on problems with the previous version. Unlike the original Secret, V2 will be wholly funded through Byttow, skirting clear of venture capital investments. This will take investor input out of the equation and leave profits up for donation to charities and humanitarian causes, like ACLU and Planned Parenthood, both of which are threatened by Trump's presidency. Currently, Byttow runs a content creation service for enterprises called Bold, and says that Secret V2 will be built and run by another team. The new Secret will go up against similar platforms, like YikYak and Whisper.

I leave you with powerful words from Byttow:
People don't have a good space to be their most authentic selves, especially to people they know. There is too much fear, and there is too little self-awareness. We need more self-awareness, starting with Silicon Valley. We are in a bubble. F**k the bubble.The truth wants to be set free. Only then can we begin to understand and only then can we heal and work together. 

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