Sprinklr Adopts Little Bird

New York tech marketing firm Sprinklr has just acquired Little Bird. Little Bird, a Portland-based company, is an analytics platform that identifies influential people (experts) on social channels. It evaluates a person based on the connections a person has built with other experts, tapping into social data to do so. Kirkpatrick broke down the evaluation process for TechCrunch:
Once a big map of influencers and experts has been built, which takes under 5 minutes, then the system tells our customers which of those influencers are already part of their community online, who competitors are connected to, what the hottest conversations among those influencers is, and we deliver alerts over time whenever something important happens. 

Founded in 2011 by CEO Marshall Kirkpatrick, a former TechCrunch writer, Little Bird was granted $4.8 million from Mark Cuban, Jason Calacanis, Oregon Angel Fund, and other investors in order to develop its technology. Evidently, it has succeeded, hence the acquisition.

On their website, Little Bird describes Sprinklr as "the most complete social media engagement platform for the enterprise." As a company, Sprinklr provides social media marketing and advertising, content management, advocacy, and social media monitoring to some of the biggest companies in the world. In fact, Sprinklr won't get out of bed for anything less than the best. It services over more than 100 top-tier companies, including Samsung, Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, SAP, Target, Nike, and Virgin America. Offering management tools to enable posting across social networks, analytics, and engagement statistics, Sprinklr allows big companies to maintain a vast social media presence. Additionally, it aids clients in customer care, sales, and commerce. And this big dog has taken Little Bird under its wing.

The technology created by Kirkpatrick and co. will serve to benefit Sprinklr's audience insights, zero in on consumers with tailored advertising, and add another level to analytics. Ragy Thomas, CEO of Sprinklr, tells Tech Crunch that Little Bird will be absorbed into its social media management platform, specifically its "influencer and advocacy management solution."

What does that spell for the small company, Little Bird? 
Its six full-time employees will continue to be based out of Portland as a part of Sprinklr's global team. The charming smallness of Little Bird contrasts sharply with Sprinklr's 1300 full-time workers.

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