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Blissfully Blank
Telegram, an encrypted messaging service, just launched a publishing platform marketed to bloggers. Called Telegraph, the standalone service does not require users to have any ties to Telegram. It works much more simply than that, by placing a cookie in your browser.

Head over to the website and you'll be greeted by an unassuming, clean white page. The site is occupied only by the words Title, Your Name,Your Story, and Publish. It is blogging at it's finest, free from the annoyance of formatting, the cumbersome editing and placing of images. It reminds me of a journal, only with structure. However, this simplicity forces the experienced writer to measure it against giants like Medium or Blogger. There are no features to be seen, and functionality is a joke. Heck, even WordPress is more put together.

According to Telegram, Telegraph enables "rich posts with markdown ... and all sorts of embedded stuff," including multiple images and links. As of yet, posts cannot be tied to a publication nor can previous posts be accessed/archived. If in the middle of the post you have to step away, drafts cannot be saved. If you spot an error, too bad because published posts cannot be edited. Telegraph bloggers are limited to publishing a single post at a time and sharing its unique URL before it disappears into the depths of the internet; though if you have cookies enabled, you will be able to find them, says TechCrunch.

What a change.

These posts, the kinds that are word-driven, are unlike the ones that modern society has begun to appreciate. You know the kind; those overly-crowded Buzzfeed drivel making the front page of Reddit, solidifying opinions for the minds of the masses using clickbait titles and images with shock factor. Telegraph posts focus entirely on the writing. It gives writers an outlet over which to forget about grammar and punctuation though what writer would willingly do ... such a - thing (did I do it)?

Realistically, Telegraph can expect to be a memo pad kind of place where quick thoughts are jotted down with a pleasing, easy-to-use interface at least until a couple more features are added. Telegram has promised to shortly add log-ins. It isn't necessary to have a Telegram account to use Telegraph, but if you do your posts will appear as Instant View pages on the app. The new feature, announced 22 November, will load certain articles quickly when accessed on mobile.

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