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In the overly-saturated realm of dating apps, it can be difficult to choose a service that will provide the best potential matches. From old staples like to effervescent, swipe-right Tinder, online daters are spoiled for choice. However, this vast open field of options invites virtually anyone to join in on the fun. Inclusion is the name of the game. For people who have carved out a clear path in life or with a high standard for interpersonal relationships, inclusion just doesn't work. Those high-flying individuals might want to give The Inner Circle a shot.

An exclusive dating app, The Inner Circle demands a $20/month subscription fee from its members. As expected, with the steep price comes a batch of selective characteristics not present in other dating services. For example, 94% of users have a Bachelor's degree or higher; as the app claims to host ambitious people, there is likely an education requirement for members. It has created a dating service where "quality matters, not quantity," where exclusivity creates a "community of inspiring singles around the world."

Before being admitted to the world of premium dating, applicants are subjected to a screening process. Success and attractiveness are taken into consideration, and people who are passionate, involved, and interested have the best chance at admittance. Though it seems fairly harsh, vetting members guarantees a pool of like-minded people with similar life and relationship objectives. This ties into the goal of the platform: presenting a  members with appealing, viable partners who are interested in more than a casual encounter.

Profiles tend to be more extensive than the usual bio, favouring pairings between members of similar backgrounds and interests. Find potential matches by choosing a favourite hangout or food venue to see others who frequent it. From there, members can brainstorm unique date ideas or choose a mutually-liked date spot. Still stumped? The Inner Circle's Spots feature showcases the top ten spots to go for first dates within the area. Or use Weekend List, a crowd sourced list of local events every weekend, to meet up with others in a casual setting. Members are given ample opportunities to interact online or through the app, available for iOS or Android.
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Available in Amsterdam, London, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Milan, Stockholm, and Zurich, the selective dating service offers a worldwide expanse across which to search for partners. Travelling details for excursions abroad can be shared, connecting members across nations. The service even displays popular member destinations. According to The Inner Circle, it is "the only dating app that hosts monthly members-only parties at luxurious venues around the world to help their members connect offline." These events are hosted monthly and act as a platform to host genuine connections away from the screens.

The Inner Circle puts a big emphasis on safety. Unlike lesser dating apps, members are assured that their information is kept off of search engines.

The Amsterdam-based service has just recently planted roots in America, starting off in New York. Only a month into its New York debut and the dating service has doubled its user base with 23,000 members and counting. As of October, the member count for its other locations numbered at 145,000. Currently, the service is only available in New York, though it is slatted to release to the rest of the U.S. in the future.

David Vermeulen, CEO and co-founder, told Digital Trends: "As New York City is the gateway to our imminent international presence, our growth in this market is essential. This is an exciting milestone to have crossed in such a short time frame."

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