Vine Founders Move on with Live Streaming App Hype

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With the effervescent Vine on its way out, the app's founders have moved onto bigger and better things. Next on their agenda: live-streaming app Hype. Unfortunately for Hype, the live-streaming market is now saturated with the likes of Twitter's PeriscopeFacebook Live, and YouTube Live.

Co-founders of Vine, Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll, deserve much respect for launching their new app at such a tender time. Twitter laid off 9% of its workforce before announcing that Vine was next on the list to go. Upon hearing about the demise of their Twitter-owned app, the creators joined forces to live-stream their favourite memories, vines, and pay homage to Vine stars. The pair announced Hype at an RIP party for Vine.

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Hype, like other live-stream apps, instantly alerts followers when a user starts a stream. From there, viewers can comment and interact directly with the broadcaster. As for features, broadcasters can prominently feature comments, add music and emoji, or show pictures/videos in stream. This seamless connection allows streamers to fuse the present (live) with carefully tailored content created prior to broadcasting. Want to be a triangle for you stream? Hype allows live video to be hosted in different shapes. Customisation is the name of Hype's game.

Much like Periscope's "hearts" and Facebook Live's bouncing emoji, Hype has "sparkles." Feedback is represented by sparkles which appear as a border around the live video as a broadcaster gains more viewers or is supported by viewers. Themed backgrounds are available (see above), or use your own photos/videos in your camera role as as background. Replays are supported by the app, and broadcasters can link their Twitter or Facebook to Hype in order to share.

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On first glance, the format is very different to other live-streaming applications. Hype is colourful, unique, and captures the same mania of Vine on a different platform. Something totally individualistic is the ability to overlay different types of media, like emoji, music, and videos/photos with a live stream. This offers the broadcaster endless options for entertainment, formatting, and interaction with the audience.

Currently available for iOS with Android soon to come, the app was initially put onto Product Hunt on  27th October as invite only.

Let's cross our fingers in the hopes that Hype will live up to its namesake. Those Vine-creators could use a win.

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