WhatsApp Allows Video Streaming Before Downloading

WhatsApp just came out with an update that lets you stream video as it downloads to your device. Previously, videos had to be downloaded to the device before it could be watched. This new feature will cut down on the couple of seconds between receiving a video and being able to watch it.

If you have the app set up to download media upon receiving it, the message will automatically download. Progress will be displayed in a meter, nothing new. With the update, you can now select the video to preview it while it downloads. After fully downloaded, the video duration takes the place of the progress bar.

If you have the app set up to to download media upon approval, you must select the download button the the bottom of the display in order to begin the download. However, the video is available for streaming upon arrival, simply press the play button.

Skype chat functions in exactly the same as WhatsApp did, by allowing users to watch videos only once they've been fully downloaded. Given the immediateness of other applications and messaging programs, this slight delay can cause infinite annoyance. This update comes on the heels of a couple in-app improvements, from mimicking Snapchat features to ripping off Snapchat Stories. It seems that Facebook is whipping its extremities into line in order to compete with the top of the top. Facebook recently acquired facial recognition software, giving it a step-up into Snapchat's arena.

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