Facebook Went Rogue and Started Resharing Old Posts and Photos

Facebook glitches are often odd, but they seem to have been following an even more bizarre curve than usual recently. A few weeks ago it decided that most of the userbase was dead, and now it's dredging up the past.

Thanks to the 'Share your Memories' function, it's easier than ever to find out what you were doing on a particular day a year, two years, three years or even longer ago. In my experience, it's mostly about either heading out or having a hangover. I used Facebook a lot while I was at university. I did little else at university.

It seems that last Friday, that function decided to start finding and sharing old posts without any input from the actual person. Twitter buzzed with reports from people who had experienced this, seeing photographs and status updates from years past being reshared.

That might sound harmless, but similarly to my alcohol-oriented Facebook habits, some past posts could be embarrassing, or serve as reminders of something you'd rather forget. More recently, people have largely become more guarded in their approach to Facebook posting, more inclined to share links or, yes, share memories than post a ranting status update complaining about their boss/teacher/parent/sibling.

From 2006 until around 2010, Facebook was the realm of the overshare. People posted unabashedly about anything and everything, unaware of what we know now - that your social media activity can, and will come back to haunt you. Like say if the platform flips out and starts resharing all your old posts.

The glitch only happened on the iOS app, but that's still the most commonly used mobile version of the app, so a lot of people got caught up in it. Some reported that Facebook had even deleted some of their images and unfriended a few random people. Facebook have yet to comment on the issue, but it certainly looks like they've lapsed from suggested nostalgia to forced nostalgia. Some of us prefer to live in the now, Facebook.

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