Genderless Nipples - The Latest Chapter in the Free the Nipple Saga

We all remember Free the Nipple, the ingenious project which saw women photoshopping male nipples over their own to highlight the ridiculous double standards on censorship displayed by both Instagram and Facebook. Though laudable it was, it ultimately didn't end up making much different. Women's nipples remain as oppressed as ever on both platforms.

Well, they now have a new ambassador in the shape of Genderless Nipples, an Instagram account dedicated to posting images of nipples so close up that it's basically impossible to tell whether they belong to a boob or a man-boob. It's not a particularly pleasant thing to look at, but it sure as hell gets the point across.

The account was actually set up during the presidential election, hoping to be beacon of equality amidst all the deplorable misogyny levied against Hillary Clinton and basically anyone who vocally supported her. Given the way it turned out, the account probably still has plenty of reasons to stick around. Championing nipple equality might not seem like much, but give a few more years and we might even reach complete torso equality, imagine that.

The real question is, have Instagram taken any of the photos down? Yes, to date they have removed one, and apparently the nipple in question actually belonged to a man. Seems like Instagram have done the page's job for them a little bit there.

The best thing about the whole account has to be the captions, though. Each image comes with one, and they are often as amusing as they are poetic, "my nipple isn't sexual, your thoughts are" is a personal favourite. The only way Instagram could hope to properly address this would be to just erase the entire site, something which only usually happens in the most severe cases. Something tells me that they won't take such extreme measures, and by that very notion, the tides of the nipple war may have turned. That is one of the strangest things I have ever typed, enjoy it.

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