Instagram Anti-Abuse Features Will be Available Within the Coming Weeks

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Instagram might not be the first platform to spring to mind when you think of the average hotbed of social media abuse, but it's getting worse by the day. As more celebrities and brands shift their focus to it, so come the trolls, and they're as nasty as ever. We all know the steps after that, the company gets called out for not dealing with it probably, so they attempt to take a harder line, and it usually ends up either being far too much or far too little.

In this case, we may have found 'just right'. In the 'coming weeks', users will be able to remove followers from private accounts and switch off comments for specific posts. A big deal, on both counts, as in many cases any abuse found on Instagram is directly related to the photo in question, and if it's happening all the time in either case, you can just keep comments switched off on all posts, problem solved.

Alongside this, the anonymous reporting tool that surfaced a few months ago is becoming more widely available, making it that much easier to direct people who might be self-harming to get the help they need. These are all lessons hard-learned from platforms who only realised how deep the abuse problem goes.

Interestingly though, they've also thrown comment liking into the mix, a feature which did little for Facebook except make comment debates feel even more insipid and pointless than they already were, thanks to the hoards of bucketheads who now descend on them, showering only the most abusive, offensive matter with juicy juicy upvotes.

Lastly, there's one thing that any block-happy users should bear in mind: the blocked user will be notified. So long as they don't have any other way of tracking you down, this shouldn't be an issue, but if you're running the risk of initiating some sort of trolltastic vendetta, it might be better to just keep comments disabled and leave it at that.

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