Madison County Bust - When a Mannequin Challenge Goes Wrong

We all love the mannequin challenge, it's surely one of the most amusing social media trends in recent memory, appealling to everyone from prison inmates to swimmers to extreme sports journalists. Half the fun is figuring out exactly what kind of scene you're going to create, and the rule of thumb tends to be the more dramatic, the better.

That was probably the mindset of a group of Huntsville Alabama residents when they posted their effort about a month ago. It depicted around 20 individuals locked in a vicious shootout, and yes, every gun which appears in the video is real. The video racked up more than 85,000 shares since it went live, but it ended up attracting a very particular sort of attention.

The local police department saw it, and then used the house in the footage to pin down where it was filmed. Before long, they had a warrant, and on Tuesday they raided the property, finding several unlicensed firearms, including an assault rife, as well as a tactical vest, a load of ammunition and a few bags of weed.

Two arrests have been made so far, but no word on pleas or charges. That's not really important though, the thing to focus on is that a police raid was conducted based on evidence presented in a goddamn mannequin challenge. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry. Everyone who appeared in the video is under investigation, so more arrests may soon follow.

If there's one thing to take away from this (other than steering clear of unlicensed weapons), it's that, apparently, any Facebook video is fair game for police investigation, so if you are feeling minded to flaunt some illegal weaponry online, or anything else which might get Johnny Law's attention, perhaps don't share it on Facebook, or map it to a social media trend almost guaranteed to bring in a hefty share count.

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