Status Update - Facebook 2nd on Best Companies to Work For

Facebook has been getting a lot of likes from its employees over the past year. Enough, in fact, to propel it up to a 4.5/5 rating, placing 2nd on Glassdoor's annual employee satisfaction report, the Best Places to Work 2017 Employee's Choice, back up from 5th last year. That's despite Facebook killing all its employees to potentially replace them with workers from China. Or maybe they've just been held to ransom using their Facebook Messenger chat history, as will we all when Supreme Leader Zuckerberg ascends to the throne of the McDonalds BP Terran Alliance.

Jokes aside, Facebook probably is a pretty dope place to work, and that's reflected in this year's ranking, with only management consultancy Bain and Company beating them to the top (come on, Dark Knight, why haven't you sorted him out yet? Do your job - what... you work at Facebook now? Oh). It's been a strong showing all round from tech companies, with 20 out of the top 50 on the list tech-based.

Speaking to Mashable, Glassdoor's Allison Berry put this down to how the tech industry "really pioneered this whole idea of providing really fantastic benefits and offering very competitive compensation. It’s been interesting to see other companies that are outside of the space following through." Good pay and good benefits means happy workers... Remarkable!

Amongst the other nuggets of wisdom dispensed by Allison is one that, as companies get really big, it can be kind of difficult to keep people happy at first. Hence the ignominious fall from grace for party house supplier AirBnB, who dropped from 1st to 35th overall.

So what exactly did Facebook employees like, aside from "competitive compensation" ($$$) and "fantastic benefits" ($$$)? Well, amongst the reviews, one person praised "free snacks free food and alot [sic] of good benefits." Mmmm, free snacks free food like alot. Another ring endorsement came from this humble former employee, who loved how there were "virtually no numpties: not the smartest group I ever saw, but definitely - for any company with more than ten employees - the one with the least wasters." That's how you do it, folks.

Other tech companies that strode into the illustrious top 50 include:
  • Google (4)
  • World Wide Technology (5)
  • Fast Enterprises (6)
  • LinkedIn (8)
  • Adobe (9)
  • Paylocity (14)
  • SAP (15)
  • MathWorks (16)
  • Salesforce (17)
  • Intuit (20)
  • Docusign (23)
  • Concur (24)
  • Akamai (25)
  • Zillow (29)
  • NVIDIA (30)
  • Airbnb (35)
  • Apple (36)
  • Microsoft (37)
  • Texas Instruments (42)
So yet again, a strong showing from Facebook and Google. I was kind of surprised not to see Snap, Inc. on the list, although they can't have been far off, with a very solid score of 4.20.
In conclusion, if there's anything to take away this article, it's pay your employees more and give them good benefits, and they will be happier. And don't forget free snacks free food!

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