Tagged and Bagged - How to Download All Your Facebook Photos

Most of us have almost our entire photo catalogues online these days, or the ones fit for human consumption, at least. Of these, the majority are dumped into albums on Facebook, with over 300 million photos a day being uploaded onto the platform. They're all probably safe, but how bad would it be if there was a data glitch and all your photos were somehow deleted? Well, there's never any harm keeping a physical backup of precious data, and so maybe downloading your photos from Facebook is the way to go. In this article, we'll run through the best ways to go about it, so that the magic of Corfu '06 is preserved for all eternity.

Downloading Photos 1 by 1

Probably the most obvious method is to use the option menu on a particular photo to zap it down onto your hard drive. Simple, but far from efficient if you're looking to empty the catacombs of your online pictorial presence. Doing the whole thing this way would take, roughly, a bazillion hours.

Using Facebook's Archive Download Function

Beaming your mummified digital body right back down onto your hard drive couldn't be easier, thanks to Facebook's handy archive download service. However, this option is kind of on the opposite end of the scale from the last one in terms of selectivity. Not only will you get all your photos, but all of your other data, including your posts, your friends, and even your chat history. Yep, even that time you got curved after a desperate "pls respond." Here's how to go about it:

  • Go into your Account Settings and on the first menu, there's a link to "Download a copy of your Facebook data."
  • Click that.
  • Enter your password when prompted.
  • Wait for Facebook to compile your data and email a link to you.

You'll now receive a digital effigy of yourself, conveniently delivered kind of like Han Solo in that carbonite prison.

Pleaaaase, no more 10 year old status updates.
Of course, the problem with this method is that, as well as being bombarded with all of the other detritus as well as your photos, you won't get any other people's photos that you've been tagged in. See the next step for how to get those. Even the ones you hid from your timeline because your grandma might see them.

Download Using a 3rd-party Addon

The third and final installment in our gripping old-bad-photo-downloading saga, the Return of the Red-eye, if you will, is to use a 3rd-party addon to do all of the hard work for you.

The app we used for this arduous task is Pick & Zip. It functions as basically another Facebook addon, so once you've authorized it to access your account, you can get to work.

The app is specifically designed for just this purpose, so you can select which photos you want to download, sort by albums or tagged photos, and just generally swerve all of the photos that you wish had never been taken. Once you've selected them all, click download to get a ZIP or PDF file full of them. You're probably going to want the zip option unless you have some insane real life photobook plans.

And there we have it, all of your memories good, bad, and actually unremembered, collected in one place for your perusing pleasure.

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