Wedding Hashtags for Hire

On nights out, it's a millennial rite of passage to get a post-worthy picture. The same tenant applies when doing anything remotely interesting; if you're spending time on something, you'd better capitalise by expanding your social presence. Weddings are the perfect opportunity to harvest troves of pictures, what with the camera-ready setting and well-dressed attendees. Planning is the backbone of a successful wedding and, leading up to the event, things must be slotted into a schedule for maximum organisation. When it comes to the big day - interwoven with magic and aflurry with happiness - the last thing anyone wants to expend energy on is thinking up a memorable hashtag. However, with the way social media stands, a good hashtag can truly set a wedding apart. And here, Marielle Wakim has carved out her niche.

Having attended 19 matrimonial ceremonies in the past couple years, Wakim is well up to the task of creating clever hashtags. The Los-Angeles-based magazine editor got her start as many do, by helping her enfianced friends. Wakim came up with personalised, event-specific hashtags to pair with Instagram posts, and found that her unique tags were well-received. Seizing the opportunity, she launched her hashtag-making service, called Happily Ever #Hashtagged, last month. A phone interview with Mashable reveals Wakim's thoughts: "People can't think of that notch-more clever of word play. That's why they hire me."

Happily Ever #Hashtagged offers various deals with the a single hashtag starting at $40; three hashtags are $85; a multi-hashtag package deal, $115, offers three options to choose from and two extras for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Outside of the wedding circuit, a single hashtag for another occasion costs $40.

Branded materials go hand-in-hand with weddings, where couples drop hundreds, potentially thousands of dollars on custom accessories and decorations; from the standard photo booth props and invites, to napkins bearing the happy couple's event hashtag. The importance of an identifying event hashtag cannot be underestimated, tying in nicely to Wakim's assertion that "people are always trying to add a really personal touch to their day."

In the creative process, Wakim resorts to rhyming, combinations of forenames and surnames, and idioms. Beyond that, a survey covers other possible sources of inspiration including nicknames, wedding details, and funny quips from the couple's backstory. Check out some of her work below or check out Instagram.

Recently featured on ABC News, Happily Ever #Hashtagged has received an influx of attention. Since the coverage, Wakim claims that her business has quadrupled. Not everyone has the makings of a wordsmith, but now you can hire someone to do the wordsmithing for you. Hashtag creation, for those of us who can't be bothered to spend countless minutes testing out short word pairings, may be the next big step in business.

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