A New Lawsuit Claims Snapchat Fiddled With Their Growth Stats

Snapchat remains the hottest social media property on the market, especially since they filed for an IPO in November, one which could be worth $25 billion or more. Facebook tried to buy them, user figures continue to grow and through all of that, they've largely behaved honestly and respectfully to their user base.

Well, that's the cover story anyway, but one former employee sees things a bit differently, to the point where he's actually suing them. The man in question is Anthony Pompilano, and he joined Snapchat back in September as a growth lead. He's now claiming that they had been reporting exaggerated growth numbers to increase their valuation.

Snapchat are actually pretty shtum about their actual figures, but leaked put their daily active user base at around 150 million. Pompilano is saying that when he joined, Snapchat lied to him about their growth rate, and further stated that their CSO Imran Khan would often give said false figures to investors, current or potential in order to grease the wheels.

From there the case devolves into all sorts of allegations about how Evan Spiegel runs the company and all the manoeuvring they've done in recent months to make sure they got the highest IPO possible. Now, Pompilano was at Snapchat for all of 3 weeks, and he claims that they got rid of him because he was going to blow the whistle on them, but to my mind firing someone to stop them from spreading damning information seems fairly ass-about-face.

The main crux of the suit is to stop Snap from misrepresenting the nature of his termination, but he has also filed a separate suit to claim back damages for lost wages as well as any damages for wrongful conduct on their part. Snap have yet to respond to any requests for comment, but if the case doesn't go their way there will need to be some serious clean-up duty. Once again though, if someone has sensitive inside information about your company, you usually don't fire them for incompetence.

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