Americans Are Marking Themselves 'Unsafe' in Support of Black Lives Matter
It's a frightening time to be an American, especially if you're anything other than white. President Trump's rhetoric about Mexicans isn't exactly open to interpretation, and since his election racist incidents have been on the up. Even Obama struggled to stem the tide of white supremacy, racially motivated assaults and worse, and something tells me Trump isn't going to make any attempt to better him on that front.

So, what to do? Well, Black Lives Matter is still campaigning actively, and the latest chapter in that tale is a canny reworking of Facebook's 'safety check' tool. In this version, users can log onto to Facebook and mark themselves unsafe. It doesn't mean that the person in question is in direct or immediate danger, it's intended to represent the fact that people of colour don't feel safe in their own neighbourhoods.

The app has only been active for a few days, but if it catches on, Facebook feeds could soon be populated with maps of the United States littered with 'unsafe' areas. The term itself is fairly broad, it could refer to a looming threat of violence, a mistrust in the police or even financial instability. When used, the post not only marks the user's location, but also displays this text: "Being Black in America is a national emergency. Black people are being attacked and murdered while doing day-to-day activities. Let the world know how you feel. #BlackLivesMatter #MarkYourselfUnsafe."

Thousands of people have already used the app already, and users who it doesn't directly apply to can also use it to register their support. It's a simple gesture, but a meaningful one. Since Trump's inauguration, people all over the world have been pointedly demonstrating that they won't take prejudice lying down, and this is yet another example.

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