Disney to Premier Shows on Snapchat Stories

Prepare yourself - not too long from now Snapchat might be doubling up as a kind of bizarre post-modern TV network. You would imagine that any shows to air in such a terrifyingly futuristic format would have to match it in form and function, but for some reason the first thing Disney are bringing out on it is 10 episode recap of The Bachelor.

Yep, The Bachelor, that thing where a group of women live in a house with some wealthy dude in the hopes that he'll hand them a flower or something. Watch Party: The Bachelor will recap each new episode of the actual show by gathering together past participants, celebrities, comedians and fans to sit and talk about what went down. It's set to run for 10 episodes, staring on January 3rd.

Early last year, Disney teamed up with Snapchat to make a resoundingly successful Live Story of the Academy Awards, which was presumably the catalyst for this now ongoing relationship between the two companies. Supposedly scripted shows will also be made in story format, but your guess is as good as mine for how that will actually work.

Snapchat are partnered with a few media companies, but what sets this apart is that Disney will have full control of the advertising. It'll be interesting to see if Disney opt to continue creating offshoots for pre-existing content or entirely new material. I wouldn't be even remotely surprised if something Star Wars related ends up happening, perhaps to coincide with the release of Episode VIII next year.

It will probably be a while yet before an optimum approach for creating serial content on Snapchat Stories presents itself, but the real question is, even if that optimum approach is found, is this even worth doing? The bitesize format works fine for little quickfire recaps, but anything more meaty than that could easily end up feeling too disjointed or diluted to have any lasting appeal. We'll just have to wait and see, but something tells me that recapping episodes of The Bachelor isn't going to make that answer too much clearer.

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