Facebook Introduce 'Live Audio' to Take on the Radio and Podcast World

As if Facebook weren't pushing this live content button hard enough already, they've now tacked on Live Audio, which will enable users to broadcast audio-only feeds. This places them squarely in the same territory as digital radio platforms and, in particular, podcasts.

Now, it's quite difficult to get your eye in with either of these things as a neophyte. It's perfectly possible to make and distribute a podcast with just your phone and an idea, but chances are the sound quality will be somewhat (severely) lacking.

Think about YouTube and Facebook videos though, a huge amount of them are user generatated ramshackle affairs, and they still rack up hella views. That approach hasn't really been applied to audio streaming in the same way, yet.

Nor will it be, for the time being. At first, much like the video version, this service is only going to be available to selected partners. The first of these have already been announced - LBC, the BBC, Harper Collins and a few individual authors, such as Adam Grant. Facebook are promising that it will expand further early next year, but there's no telling how long it will be before the service is universally available.

The author focus might seem odd, but Facebook have emphasised book readings as one of the foremost uses for Live Audio, as well as interviews. That is, of course, only scratching the surface of what Live Audio could potentially offer, but we won't know what carries the most appeal until the service opens up.

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