Facebook Pages Goes Live

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Facebook Pages has been given the Live treatment, and it's about time. Pages can now live-stream from desktops and laptops. Streaming supports peripheral cameras and built-in laptop cameras. First tested in September, the feature is now rolling out on a wider scale, though general users still do not have access. Long before it went into testing, the feature was seen in May on the Facebook app for Windows 10.

To ensure that a Page's video content is easy to view, Facebook is creating a permalink URL. Clicking the link will access the current live-stream and display past live-streams and any other videos connected to the Page. Additionally, comments can be pinned to the bottom of live-streams.

Not only will Pages be able to lend a more personal touch with the addition of live-streams, tools are available to foster engagement.

  • Page admins can set Live contributors, allowing multiple Facebook account holders to broadcast for a Page. 
  • Lightweight insights are available for Pages with 5,000 followers or more: 
    • Total minutes viewed
    • Total number of views
    • Total engagement (reactions, comments and shares)
  • Aggregated insights will accompany videos at weeklong, monthlong, and two-month periods. However, this feature is only available to those using Facebook's "Mentions" app, primarily celebrities and public figures. 
Read all about the new features here.
In basic terms, Pages is a tool for brands, businesses, and public figures to create an online presence. A Page can be managed by multiple account holders, unlike a normal profile which is controlled by one person. Liking a Page will yield updates displayed on a person's News Feed and alerts to live-streams.

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