Intel's Security Researchers Found Fake Instagram Apps Plaguing Google Play

If you're an Android user and you need to download the Instagram app, you might want to be a bit careful. A recent research sweep revealed something called Android/InstaZune. It walks and talks like the actual Instagram app, but any hapless individual who downloads it will be asked to hand over their login details, and that'll be that, their details will be fired straight off to the nefarious minds who developed it.

Hacking Instagram accounts is big business, and the easiest way to do it is to trick users into turning details over willingly. Since the news broke, Google have been going through and deleting all the defending apps, but there might still be more lurking around. Deleting phishing apps is a game of whack-a-mole as it is, new ones are cropping up constantly, so it's always important to stay vigilant.

In this particular case it's easy to avoid, it's just a matter of checking the name of the app developer and making sure it actually is Instagram. Anything else is a red flag. It also helps to keep different login details for different platforms/sites, otherwise a hacking opens you up to basically having your entire digital identity stripped away, or worse.

Nobody is 100% safe from a hack, but as mentioned there are plenty of measures you can take against it. Being careful on the app store is a good place to start, it's remarkably easy to develop bogus apps and both the App Store and Google Play are swarming with them. Check reviews and authenticity before downloading anything.

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